Stock Photos and Royalty Free music

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2 Responses

  1. Wesley Fryer says:

    I think YouTube has to have that copyrighted music scanner because of litigation issues. Did you file the “fair use” claim? I’ve had to do that with videos which only include a very small portion of a copyrighted song. It’s a good exercise in thinking about and practicing the fair use defense for copyright infringement. I’ve tried to make copyright guidelines for students as simple and clear as possible in an eBook I’m just finishing, and have shared the copyright chapter online:

    I think it’s valuable for people to experience this “defend your use of copyrighted media” process with YouTube since it highlights the fair use defense so well and makes us think carefully about how we’re incorporating others’ media in our own work.

  2. Hi Wesley,
    Yes, I did file a dispute and Youtube did agree with me and removed their copyright claim against the video.

    Amusingly, Taps was created by a buglar and a general in about 1862, became the standard Army funeral music in about 1871, and by about 1891, was adopted as the standard by all US military branches. The version I used was performed by a US Army buglar (in the credits). I thought it was amusing for a Sony Music copyright claim!

    As we both realize, the automated system at Youtube cannot distinguish between fair use, licensed use, or even use of music for which there are versions free of copyright claims.