#CES2013 #CES Report on consumer 3D cameras

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4 Responses

  1. gw says:

    phenominal post. so are there NO new 3D cameras coming out, besides handycam video barrel type models? it’ll probably take the TVs to be more impressive before more cameras come out again, but i wouldn’t have thought they would be abandoned completely.

  2. Edward says:

    Well, there’s the new Sony TD30, and the Samsung NX300 and 2D/3D lens.

    GoPro will provide a sync cable for the new Hero3 camera, for paired 3D. They would not tell me when it will ship but another source says its probably by March.

    Several cameras are including some “sort of” 3D capabilities including from Sony and Fujifilm, but not traditional two lens solutions.

    I would have liked to have seen a new 3D camera with somewhat larger sensors, better low light capability and improved dynamic range. At this time, nothing like that appears to on anyone’s current drawing boards.

    It’s the 3D still photo area that is suffering the most, I think.

  3. gw says:

    if you can share some info on the “sort of” 3d stuff from sony and fuji that would be great. that wifi 3d phone addon looks fugly, but if it works i guess it works… i guess i’m buying a lumix 3d1, unless there is something pocket ready and coming to marketing soon…?

  4. I hope to post more still from CES … I got slammed with the flu. 2 1/2 weeks later (this past weekend) I was again running a fever. I mostly get a little better each day but this one really hit me hard. I am behind on updates to the blog. And in the midst of this, I also did my orals for my M.S. in software engineering.