Touchable 3D holograms 

Source: Scientists have created 3D holograms that you can touch – Quartz

System uses lasers to create tiny bits of plasma in the air, which are touchable.

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Holus’ desktop 3D Hologram

It’s a desktop 3D display that can be viewed from 360 degrees around. Watch the video here to see what they have in mind.

I saw something like this at a conference that I think was an earlier version – the concept has interesting applications. I think the use case is industrial design, mechanical engineering scenarios and not entertainment (but they think it has consumer applications). Think of creating a 3D design in CAD, then displaying a pseudo-walk around display model before committing to a 3D printer – very useful actually.

Launched on Kickstarter this morning, Holus is a tabletop device that converts digital content into a 3D hologram. Created by H+ Technologies out of..

Source: Holus Is A Tabletop Device That Turns Digital Media Into A 3D Hologram | TechCrunch

Time will tell if there is a consumer market for the device. I can certainly see commercial applications!

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Sony introduces stunning new digital cameras, low light, 4K video, super slo mo

  • RX10 II: 1″ sensor, 4K video, 40x super slow motion, super high shutter speed (1/32,000 second)
  • RX100 IV: The above, plus 16 fps continuous shooting @ 20.1 MP, EVF, software upgradeable
  • A7 R II: Full frame, 42.4 megapixels, ISO 102,400. 5-axis image stabilization, 4K video, high bit rates

Source: Sony Global – Digital Imaging

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Google Ships 1 Million Cardboard Headsets for VR viewing

Google Cardboard is an inexpensive, simple way for consumers to try out virtual reality tech – using a simple lens/cardboard viewer and a smart phone, plus apps and various online content, consumers can try out VR for just a few dollars. Cardboard, with appropriate apps, is also a great way to watch 3D still and 3D video content.

I have Google Cardboard and recommend it for those interested in trying out 3D VR and 360 degree VR/videos. The future is coming faster than you know!

Source: 1 Million Cardboard Headsets Shipped, Google Says – Road to VR

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360 degree stereoscopic 3D coming to Youtube later this summer

This implies 3D is returning to Youtube – but in a bigger way – using virtual reality (VR) technology, 360 degree immersive video camera technology and VR viewers.

Source: Jump – Google

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Google announces unlimited cloud photo, video storage

Source: Official Google Blog: Picture this: A fresh approach to Photos

Limitations: Maximum full resolution images to 16 MP, and up to 1080p video.

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Panasonic DMC-G7 – 4K video for under US $800

Sample video clip here. (Note 4:3 aspect ratio test clips are in first half and 16:9 in last part of that video clip.)

Pre-orders available at Adorama and Amazon (Panasonic DMC-G7KS Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera 14-42 mm Lens Kit, 4K)

Adorama product description

Panasonic has just announced the new LUMIX G7 Interchangeable Lens (DSLM) Camera with a 14-42mm Lens in black and silver and another kit with a 14-140mm Lens in black.
Announcement time: 8 a.m. EST May 18, 2015

The new Panasonic LUMIX G7 offers over 24 compact lens options. It’s mirrorless design enables a lighter, more compact camera body, while also offering cutting-edge video, audio, creative controls, wireless, intelligent-focusing, and exposure technologies.

Highlighted features:
– DSLM image quality without bulk or a heavy camera weight
– 4K Ultra HD Video pause and save 4K Photo Modes
– Integrated Wi-Fi sharing

Product images and specs:

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