Why I stopped using the 500px photo sharing web site

A week ago, I noticed odd things about 500px that I found disturbing.

I noticed quite a few (in fact most) of the people showing tens of thousands of followers that I checked, appear to have mostly fake followers. I was perplexed how it was that someone with a mere 70 to 100 nice but not great photos could have 30,000 followers. When I click on their followers list, almost all of their followers have zero followers of their own, and they have zero photos posted. These appear to be fake user accounts.

I saw this across many 500px users with huge followings. Something is not right.

I created a fake 500px account and posted the photo shown in the thumbnail image below. It’s a stupid photo, with over saturated colors, intentionally making it stupid. I titled the photo “Fake waterfall and pond”. This stupid photo quickly made the “Popular” list!


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Scenes in 3D

OHSU area 3D photosOHSU area 3D photos

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3DGO streaming service has shut down

Effective April 17, the 3DGO streaming TV service has shut down. The service provided online, 3D video content for watching on “smart” 3D TVs. With the makers of smart TVs announcing earlier that they are reducing or eliminating 3D options on many televisions, the market for 3DGO was likely to shrink in the near future.

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YouTube live-streams in virtual reality and adds 3D sound – BBC News

YouTube is adding the ability to live-stream video in 360-degrees making it possible to watch events in virtual reality as they happen.

Source: YouTube live-streams in virtual reality and adds 3D sound – BBC News

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StereoStitch Introduces Real-Time 3D VR 360 for live 3D VR

Source: StereoStitch Launches a Real-Time 3D 360 Video Stitching Software for VR Live Streaming

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3D ’The Jungle Book’ reaps huge earnings opening weekend

A good sign for 3D movies – 43% of opening weekend’s $104 million ticket sales went for 3D showings.

Source: ’The Jungle Book’ Unleashes A Mighty 3D Roar At The Box Office With Approximately 43% Of The

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3D photos shot with dual Lumix GH-2 cameras

I used two Lumix GH-2 micro four thirds cameras, and two wireless remote controls. A remote receiver was used on each camera to activate the shutter, with a single remote control transmitter. Surprisingly (to me!) the two cameras synchronized very well.

I used two of these wireless remotes. Amazon says they work with any of these cameras – Panasonic: DMC G1, G2, G3, G6, G7, G10, GF1, GH1, GH2, GH3, GH4, GX1, GX7, L1, L10, LC-1, FZ20, FZ20K, FZ20S, FZ20S, FZ30, FZ30K, FZ50, FZ50K, FZ50S, FZ100, FZ200; Leica: DigiLux 2, DigiLux 3, V-Lux 4

This image is in cross-eyed viewing format – both trains were moving in these shots:

P1050159X (Large)

Side by Side for parallel or 3D monitor viewing:

P1050159SxS (Large)

Red/cyan anaglyph version:


I have used the dual Lumix GH-2 cameras before but had to manually press the shutters on both cameras at “roughly the same time” – with the manual shutter control, I could not have photographed a subject like these two moving trains.

The inter-axial lens spacing is about 6 inches or 15 cm.

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