NY Times says big screens and 3D are coming back

Interestingly, the new 3D blockbusters are targeting adult viewers:

Hollywood’s major studios are preparing to flood festival screens and commercial theaters with an unusual, year-end wave of grown-up movie spectacles — shown in the 3-D or large-screen format that is usually reserved for action blockbusters with younger audiences.

Source: Hollywood Uses Bigger Screens to Tell Sophisticated Stories – The New York Times

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Great idea for moving camera shots?

Is this $800 laptop sized mobile worth a ride? Here is what you want to know about this cool new Japanese invention- The ‘ Walk Car ‘!

Source: Walk or ‘Walk Car’?

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Theater owners says now selective in what 3D movies they will show

A local movie theater owner says he is selective in what movies he will show in 3D, noting that a 3D film needs to be shown in both 2D and 3D options, taking up theater seat space. He now only shows 3D films when he thinks the use of 3D is used appropriately to add value to the story and will generate a good return on investment.

The story says 1/4th of population watched a 3D movie in 2014 while the overall percentage declined (which could be due to fewer 3D movies or theaters showing 3D). However, young viewers up through age 24 increased their 3D viewing during 2014 and was otherwise unchanged for several adult age groups.

Source: Movie customers big drivers of what is shown in 3D

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3D image of the surface of Pluto – stunning

Source: http://www.esa.int/spaceinimages/Images/2015/07/Imhotep_3D


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My Photo Guide 2.0 app for Android is now available (Free!)

Version 2.0 of my Android Photo Guide app is now available. It’s free, as in totally free – no ads even. Enjoy.

Requires Android 4.4. It’s free – download at the link below!


Source: Photo Guide 2.0 – Android Apps on Google Play

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VR 3D 360 video photography system

Follow the source link to check out this 3D VR video recording solution.

Photokina-IVRPA-booth-3D360_anaglyph_headerSource: iZugar Studio – 3D360 video system

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Finally! A “killer app” for the Apple Watch-A camera LCD panel!

This is highly likely the most compact solution to have a working screen on the . Just clip the on it! It really looks cool :) DC.watch posted these pictures from the 4th PC Hack meeting. […]

Source: Look at that: Use the new Apple Watch as a viewfinder for the Olympus AIR! | 43 Rumors

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