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Snapchat to introduce “3D” feature (but is it 3D?)

As part of another movie promotion: Screen Gems is partnering with Snapchat again on a 3D lens for its upcoming fifthquel Underworld: Blood Wars. Source: ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ Tie-In: Screen Gems & Snapchat Reteam | Deadline From the various news reports, it sounds like its a 360 degree view. As you rotate your phone about, you see the full 360...

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PEOPLE Magazine’s Nov 30th issue includes a cardboard VR viewer

The free cardboard viewer is part of a movie promotion. Pick up a copy of PEOPLE’s special issue, Star Wars: The Secrets of Rogue One, on newsstands Nov. 30. Inside the issue, you’ll find PEOPLE’s virtual-reality viewer, with instructions included. Source: Rogue One: How to Assemble Your PEOPLE VR Viewer Related articles Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headset Only $44.95 (Reg. $99.99)...

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4K/3D/120 fps theater experience, plus IMAX working on VR headsets for theaters

Source: Getting Real: Virtual Reality experiences eye the movie theatre environment | Film Journal International Director Ang Lee is experimenting, and presenting, a 3D 4K 120 fps motion picture, but that version only shows in 5 cities, globally. Elsewhere, IMAX is working on “theater-based VR”. The latter may begin with short (less than 15 minute) VR experiences in “IMAX VR...

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Cable channel plans Civil War program in #VR360

The immersive segment takes an 1865 Confederate cadet dodging enemy fire in muddy trenches from 2D to 360 degrees. Source: Discovery’s American Heroes Channel Plans Virtual Reality Civil War Experience (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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#AR Augmented Reality tech improved learning outcomes in educational setting

The results showed that AR-technology experience was beneficial especially for the pupils, who otherwise belong to the lowest achieving school success group. They were reaching up the gap with other students while learning science. On the other hand, the students with the high-performance school success gained more challenge and quality for the learning outcomes. Augmented Reality (AR) differs from Virtual...

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#VR system used to assist in diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s

Scientists are developing an early diagnosis system for neurodegenerative disorders. The system is intended to such diseases as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and others. The diagnosis system is based on virtual reality (VR) – a person is immersed in a virtual environment to carry out some functional tests. Researchers vary the parameters of the virtual environment and record changes in...

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“Hybrid Virtual Environment 3D”

A researcher compared the virtual reality experience with two different systems: the one with VR headsets versus one with an immersive projection system using a concave-spherical screen, developed by his research team and called Hybrid Virtual Environment 3D (Hyve-3D). He immersed 20 subjects whom preferred the virtual reality without headsets, because they could interact with other viewers and share their...

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