Olympus introduces the Olympus Air for smart phones

Olympus Air A01 smartphone camera allows interchangeable lenses to be attached to your phone for DSLR quality photos.

Source: Air A01 Smartphone Camera | Olympus

It’s a micro four thirds lens holder that interfaces to your smart phone – effectively turning your smart phone into a smart camera with real lenses.

The phone may be mounted on the interface, handheld away from the lens, or even a ways a way – it links via WiFi.

And the Air includes a micro SD card slot – you do not have to use up all your phone’s memory for photos.

And it’s only US $299.99.

Olympus AIR A01 Black Body only
$299.99 with Free Shipping

Olympus AIR A01 White Body only
$299.99 with Free Shipping

Olympus AIR A01 Black body with the 14-42mm Black Lens.
$499.99 with Free Shipping

Olympus AIR A01 White body with 14-42mm Sliver Lens
$499.99 with Free Shipping

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Youtube announces 360 degree 3D video support is coming

Starting in the fall of 2014, Youtube began dropping support for 3D videos. Now, Google briefly mentions it will be launching 360 degree VR 3D support soon (it’s #7 on this video).

Presumably, 3D VR will also support conventional 3D streaming again, as well.

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Touchable 3D holograms 

Source: Scientists have created 3D holograms that you can touch – Quartz

System uses lasers to create tiny bits of plasma in the air, which are touchable.

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Holus’ desktop 3D Hologram

It’s a desktop 3D display that can be viewed from 360 degrees around. Watch the video here to see what they have in mind.

I saw something like this at a conference that I think was an earlier version – the concept has interesting applications. I think the use case is industrial design, mechanical engineering scenarios and not entertainment (but they think it has consumer applications). Think of creating a 3D design in CAD, then displaying a pseudo-walk around display model before committing to a 3D printer – very useful actually.

Launched on Kickstarter this morning, Holus is a tabletop device that converts digital content into a 3D hologram. Created by H+ Technologies out of..

Source: Holus Is A Tabletop Device That Turns Digital Media Into A 3D Hologram | TechCrunch

Time will tell if there is a consumer market for the device. I can certainly see commercial applications!

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Sony introduces stunning new digital cameras, low light, 4K video, super slo mo

  • RX10 II: 1″ sensor, 4K video, 40x super slow motion, super high shutter speed (1/32,000 second)
  • RX100 IV: The above, plus 16 fps continuous shooting @ 20.1 MP, EVF, software upgradeable
  • A7 R II: Full frame, 42.4 megapixels, ISO 102,400. 5-axis image stabilization, 4K video, high bit rates

Source: Sony Global – Digital Imaging

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Google Ships 1 Million Cardboard Headsets for VR viewing

Google Cardboard is an inexpensive, simple way for consumers to try out virtual reality tech – using a simple lens/cardboard viewer and a smart phone, plus apps and various online content, consumers can try out VR for just a few dollars. Cardboard, with appropriate apps, is also a great way to watch 3D still and 3D video content.

I have Google Cardboard and recommend it for those interested in trying out 3D VR and 360 degree VR/videos. The future is coming faster than you know!

Source: 1 Million Cardboard Headsets Shipped, Google Says – Road to VR

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360 degree stereoscopic 3D coming to Youtube later this summer

This implies 3D is returning to Youtube – but in a bigger way – using virtual reality (VR) technology, 360 degree immersive video camera technology and VR viewers.

Source: Jump – Google

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