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Learning to “see in 3D” to improve 2D photos

As a 3D stereographer, I am always aware of the 3D space in front of me. And when shooting 2D, I often wish I was shooting 3D!

The key idea, in this linked column, is that by learning to see in 3D, we can improve our 2D photos. You might think “seeing in 3D” is obvious – after all we see a 3D world around us. But truly, as 3D photographers know, learning to see in 3D is a technique all unto itself.

About negative space, looking 3D and some other things.

Source: About negative space, looking 3D and some other things. By Dirk Dom – STEVE HUFF PHOTOS

When shooting #3D, objects in mirror really are further away than they appear

I was experimenting with some 3D lens positioning and took a photo of my Honda Fit car in the driveway. In processing the image, I discovered that items reflected in the windows and the car itself end up appearing further away in 3D space. Which is a very cool effect!

Now I want to find a building with mirrored windows and take some photos of that in 3D – should produce a very interesting depth effect where objects in the mirror really are more distant!

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