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Hollywood buys up Youtube content

YouTube: Hollywood’s Hit Factory for Teen Entertainment – Businessweek.

As mentioned on my blogs, Youtube is an advertisers dream for reaching young audiences. Big business – namely traditional Hollywood production companies – are buying up Youtube content, talent and “multi-channel networks”.

As Youtube becomes a traditional commercial programming adventure – the “big stars” have turned into mini production companies with producers, directors, stunt coordinators, writers, composes – will Youtube still appeal to the youth demographic?

As Youtube turns into something different than what it is today, will other content producers – the individuals and small groups that were producing video content for fun – leave for other online video platforms?

My own viewership has dropped off dramatically. There may be many reasons for that unrelated to Youtube changes. But Youtube viewership is changing – and content is increasingly created by production teams rather than the stereotyped kid in his bedroom. Even if it still is a teen in a bedroom, chances are increasing that there’s a business manager, producer and other staff involved now days.