Broadcast Quality in the palm of your hand?

There’s a new era of Micro Cinema abounding, and it’s a very exciting time for those who used to lust after broadcast level camcorders, but had to make do with what we could afford. Now what we can afford is pretty amazing.

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Today’s consumer HD cameras produce video that greatly exceeds the requirement for professional SD production (after down conversion from the HDV or AVCHD formats). Several consumer HD camcorders now nearly rival professional broadcast gear in quality (although not in terms of overall features).

Audio: Make Your Own Mic Blimp

Audio: Make Your Own Mic Blimp. Looks pretty straightforward!

Mic blimps protect your mic from wind noise. No more wind rumble.

I routinely use “dead cat” fur coverings over all my mics, all the time. I’ve avoided wind rumble at up to about 15 to 20 mph in all situations except once when the wind was coming in gusts directly towards me. A blimp would be nice but is usually not practical for doing “run and gun” video shots where I need to be reasonably light on my feet. But I still wish I had one for those occasions … may be I will build this

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