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New Lumix Lens Converters

Panasonic has introduced some new lens teleconverters that work with their 14-42mm lenses.

Click on the image for a larger view.

And a couple of “concept lenses”. Panasonic expects to expand their lens line up to 20 total lenses by the end of 2012.

The Internet access at the hotel is so slow that I may not be able to post much in the way of much of anything. This was torturous just to get these two photos uploaded.

Build your own 3D dual camera mounting rails

Ritwika Mitra shows how to build your own dual camera mount featuring an adjustable interaxial distance for 3d stereoscopic photography or video. Ritwika is a high school senior, by the way. Cool young woman! She and her sister are also the founders of the non-profit

The details begin at about 2:30 into the video. I built this but I also use a fixed mounting bracket that is simpler and smaller. At some point, I will post photos of my set up for 3D.

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China to launch 1st 3D TV channel in 2012


Sony 3D TV on display at CES 2011. Taken with ...
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Television rules the nation: China goes 3D | 3D Media Revolution Blog | 3D Video Player & 3D Video Converter.

I decided this week that I will start shooting 3D video.

I have had an interest in 3D going back to the 1980s, when I visited an exhibit on holography. I read a couple of books on holography but alas, holography was not something I was in a position to pursue.

I recently came across one of those lenticular-based 3D images on the cover of a product and that got me reading about 3D technology once again. After some tests using a single camera to shoot some 3D video of static objects, I found myself hooked! I now plan to get a 2nd camera so I can shoot true stereographic video.  (But do not expect to see much here for as much as 1 to 2 months as I have too many other things to deal with before I can get to creating great 3D videos worthy of posting!)

3D, other than in video games, seems to still be stuck in the pre-fad stage of a few experimenters. But this will change, and soon. First, Youtube is providing very good support for 3D – once a properly formatted 3D video is uploaded, Youtube offers to present the video in all of the popular 3D formats – have it your way! Second, Peter Jackson’s movie version of The Hobbit will start to come out in about one year. The Hobbit is being filmed in 3D and I suspect will greatly propel interest in 3D forward.

3D TV will take a long time to arrive, though, because so many people have only just acquired an HDTV and are not in a hurry to rush out and purchase a new 3D HDTV. Over time, as more and more 3D TVs are in use, then 3D content will become more popular. May as well start shooting 3D now as the originals shot today and can be converted to any desired format in the future!

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Firmware update for the lens?

It seems odd, even to me, a software engineer, to be updating the firmware in my camera lens – but its for real. Panasonic released firmware updates for several of their camera lenses, including the standard 14-42mm kit lens: 43 Rumors | Blog | Panasonic firmware update for four m43 lenses!.

The improvement is said to improve auto-focusing, image stabilization, and reduce potential focus noise when recording video. I have installed the update on my 14-42mm lens via the camera today, without any problems.

Humorous features your new camera must have

  • Feature 1: Shutter correction. Let’s face the facts, when you take a picture, you’ve already missed the shot. Shutter correction adds a random timer to trigger the shutter 5-200 seconds later, ensuring your mistake can still turn into the perfect shot.
  • Feature 2: Auto pan. Henceforth, when shooting in “Program Auto” mode, DSLR’s will also make framing, panning and tilting decisions FOR you! No need for critical thinking. After all, technology will always be more intelligent than the artist.
  • Feature 3: HSL randomizer. Who said a good picture or video needs to reflect accurate hue, saturation and lightness? With HSL randomizer, your DSLR will pick random numbers for each control, so you’ll be left saying, “Wow, that’s definitely not what this looks like in real life! Oh, well!”

via Lens Mug Winner « Canon Rumors.

And there are plenty more such features at the link!

Power zoom lenses for DSLR cameras

Panasonic launches Lumix G X Vario PZ 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 OIS pancake: Digital Photography Review.

The new Lumix “X” series lenses is an important development for shooting video on DSLRs.

DSLRs have had 3 limitations on their use for many types of video photography:

  1. lack of power zooms
  2. lack of audio controls
  3. limits on video recording time

The new lenses feature built-in zoom motors and controls. Panasonic has also announced a firmware update to several of its micro-four thirds cameras that will presumably add more zoom feature support to the cameras.

At this time, the demo video I saw showed a fixed zoom speed. I presume the firmware update will add a speed control to the cameras.  The zoom motor was audible in the camera’s built-in mic. This is yet another reason why we need to remember that audio is half the video experience – and should be using an external mic when sound is important.

Regarding audio, the lack of sound controls on DSLRs still demands use of BeachTek or other external audio mixers to get the sound right.

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