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Video shooting is popular – but video camera market slowly dying

This comes from a survey of Photobucket users:

According to the survey, consumers are using traditional video cameras with much less frequency, but they are using mobile devices to capture video much more often. In fact, of those surveyed:

  • 45 percent use a mobile device for capturing video at least once a week
  • 17 percent use a mobile device for capturing video at least once a day
  • 9 percent use a mobile device for capturing video multiple times per day

This trend is further validated by company data, which shows a significant upward trend of video uploads:

  • Total video uploads web and mobile are 3.5x higher year-over-year July 2010 to July 2011
  • Total video uploads from mobile devices are 14x higher than in December 2010

via Photobucket: Mobile video uploads on the rise |.

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X PR disaster

Facing Widescale User Revolt, Apple Starts Issuing Final Cut Pro X Refunds | Cult of Mac.

Apple completely re-wrote its popular Final Cut Pro video editing software. And a lot of people say Apple turned it into iMovie Pro and they are not happy.

I use Final Cut Pro 7 for video editing. I do not plan to update to X.

Apple product upgrades often turn into a cascade of necessary but unexpected upgrades. I found that out last year with a $30 OS upgrade ended up requiring a $300 upgrade from FCP6 to 7. I was not impressed.

In 2008, my Macbook was stolen the same week Apple announced they were dropping Firewire from Macbooks. Apple’s attitude was that AVCHD was the future, so get over it and replace your camera. Right. My $1,200 notebook was stolen so I should replace that plus my 2 year old $4,000 worth of Firewire dependent cameras. I bought a used Macbook instead. Not all of us have Steve Job’s income and can upgrade everything annually.

With Final Cut Pro X, the fanboys say – don’t worry – within a year, Apple will have fixed everything. Uh huh.

43 Rumors – Olympus financial results not so merry

43 Rumors | Home. Questions arise about the financial results for Olympus. Thom Hogan, in a comment, notes that Olympus itself is fine – but the imaging division isn’t fine. And then there is Kodak … whose share price has fallen to $3.

Lacking consistent credible progress towards addressing their challenges, both companies have some huge issues to address to remain in their respective businesses. Who knows? I do not predict the future!