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3D Printed “Sound” Amplifiers

Believe it or not, these work great. They are acoustic chambers that focus the sound from an iPhone such that you can turn your iPhone into a nice “amplified” sound system without an amplifier.

The company that designs and sells the acoustic chambers is Simply Amplified. They outsource the actual 3D printing to a 3D print service firm:

These are shown being demo’d at the 2013 CES.

P1000942 (Custom)

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3D printing market – time for market segmentation already?

Market segmentation already:

“There was an unmet need,” Cranor said. “Professional 3D printers at the high end run tens of thousands of dollars. The low-end equipment is more affordable but less than professional. There was a huge hole in between to satisfy with architects, jewellers, and other professionals in that middle ground who can make use of 3D printing.”

via 3D printing: this is what happens next · The Score.

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