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Some sounds of #Yellowstone

Last year, I made a short video featuring the Thermal Sounds of Yellowstone. This fall, I attempted to recreate parts of that video in 3D and stereo sound (rather than the monaural recording of last year). Here are some samples of what I recorded this year, both uploaded to the blog as MP3 files: ¬†2012YellowstoneDragonsMouth¬†– the Dragon’s Mouth thermal vent/geyser inside a short cave at the Mud Geyser Basin. ¬†2012YellowstonePaintPots¬†– the...

#3D photo, Brink of Lower Falls, Yellowstone River

Brink of Lower Falls, Yellowstone River. Photo taken on Sep 16th, 2012 using dual Lumix GH-2 cameras, with image processed using Stereo Photo Maker. Red/Cyan glasses required to view the 3D depth of this stereoscopic anaglyph photo. Click on the image for full size original image. [singlepic id=155 w=640 h=480 float=]   Related articles The Waterfalls, Lakes, and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park