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Handheld, single camera, #3D still photos

The following photos were taken while hiking, using a single Lumix GH-2 camera. ┬áThe 3D effect is created by taking the left image photo, then moving the camera slightly to the right, and taking the right image photo. The two images are then combined in Stereo Photo Maker to create these red/cyan anaglyph images. (Click on any image for full size – all are in red/cyan stereo anaglyph format) [singlepic id=178...

Mobile video statistics

Device type matters. And it looks like tablets are shaping viewer behavior in new ways. Tablet users averaged nearly 30 percent more viewing time per play than those who watched on desktops, for instance, and they completed videos at double the desktop rate. via VideoMind Video Index: Analytics Meets Big Data | VideoMind.