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3D continues strong in theater viewing

Films like “Batman v Superman” show that the 3D format still has a lot of life left Source: Don’t Leave 3D for Dead: Why the Movie Model Remains a Global Force (Guest Blog) While the 3D consumer-space market has diminished greatly, 8 of the top 10 films last year were in 3D and 3D ticket sales made up a huge part of the revenue of films released in 2D and 3D.

NY Times says big screens and 3D are coming back

Interestingly, the new 3D blockbusters are targeting adult viewers: Hollywood’s major studios are preparing to flood festival screens and commercial theaters with an unusual, year-end wave of grown-up movie spectacles — shown in the 3-D or large-screen format that is usually reserved for action blockbusters with younger audiences. Source: Hollywood Uses Bigger Screens to Tell Sophisticated Stories – The New York Times

Theater owners says now selective in what 3D movies they will show

A local movie theater owner says he is selective in what movies he will show in 3D, noting that a 3D film needs to be shown in both 2D and 3D options, taking up theater seat space. He now only shows 3D films when he thinks the use of 3D is used appropriately to add value to the story and will generate a good return on investment. The story says 1/4th of population...