3D Tech

This is a hobby web site about 3D tech – mostly photography and video but also sometimes 3D printing and 3D scanning.

Who Am I?

I am a professional software engineer and project manager – have a B.S. in computer science, an M.B.A. (2001), and an M.S. in software engineering (Dec. 2012). Have written nine books and have managed teams or sub-teams delivering #1 best selling software products – four times.

More about my background here – or download my 2-page resume or my 1-page resume.

I live in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Paleolithic era Selfie, September 2011 – Livingston, MT

I have a lot of fun experimenting with video creation, 3D photography and 3D videography – please enjoy this web site – your feedback and comments are encouraged!