Monthly Archive: October 2016

Microsoft thinks 3D and “3D Goggles” are the wave of the future

Microsoft may be about to make its case for how Windows Holographic devices will make professionals and consumers more productive and creative. Source: Microsoft ready to put Windows at the center of 3D – CNET If 3D TV failed because people did not want to wear 3D glasses (often called 3D Goggles by the media), how will VR with its VR helmets be a long term mass market item? Related articles Four...

Sony announces 4K 3D monitors for medical applications 

4K TVs aren’t just for home cinema – that level of detail can also help guide surgeons and doctors. Sony has unveiled a new line of medical monitors that are the first to combine 3D and 4K images, and new recorders and management systems that allow the storage and sharing of images and video. Source: Sony stitches 4K and 3D video together in new medical monitors

#ELSEWHERE introduces #3D viewing system based on iPhone and viewing lenses

It’s a $50 setup that says it dynamically converts any image or video screen into 3D, doing a 2D to 3D conversion. It works in conjunction with an iOS app. Looks like it uses the iPhone camera to collect images, the app to do a 2D to 3D conversion into side-by-side viewing, and then uses the “3D viewer” to enable parallel view on the Phone screen’s side by side image. I think....