Monthly Archive: July 2016

Traveling light photography

I just discovered this group on Flickr: TLP – Travel Light Photography – a group devoted to “traveling light”, meaning small cameras or limited gear. I spent a couple of days at our local coast last week and I took only my Nikon 1 and my Olympus XZ-2 high end “point n shoot” camera to see what I might accomplish with “small cameras”. I really liked the result! A few photos from the trip...

Shooting with small sensor cameras

Thor’s Well, Cape Perpetua, Oregon Coast. Photo taken with Nikon 1 J5. On this short trip, I took only small cameras, like the Nikon 1 and my Olympus XZ-2 “point n shoot” to see what I could do 🙂 “Circles in the Sand”, giant artwork on the beach below this cliff at Bandon Beach, Oregon.

What is the difference between a Canon 5D Mk III and a Canon SL1

The Canon SL1 body costs $399. The Canon 5D Mk III body costs $2,599. What is the difference in image quality and low light performance? There is almost no difference in the test shown at the link. Click through the link to see the photo comparisons for yourself. Source: Canon 5D Mark III vs. SL1 Resolution and High ISO Comparison There are two possible differences, not shown at the link. Larger...

Spruce Goose Aircraft in 3D, Evergreen Aviation Museum

Howard Hughes’ remarkable Spruce Goose aircraft is on display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. This is a “must see” aviation and space museum. Click on any photos to view in full size on Flickr. Red/cyan Anaglyph Cross-eyed view: Parallel and side-by-side for 3D Monitors:

New “Ghostbusters” movie said to make good use of 3D

Ghostbusters is finally here. But forget the backlash over its merits as a reboot, is it worth splashing extra cash to see it in three dimensions? Click inside to find out. Source: To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Ghostbusters Movie Ticket – CINEMABLEND I have not seen the movie, but this reviewer says the use of 3D is done very well, helping to expand the “theater” space from...