Monthly Archive: February 2016

Gear Acquisition Syndrome – always needing the next best camera or lens

Fascinating first hand story: I used to be a real photography gear head, I bought and sold cameras right and left, I was left broke and miserable, here’s what you can learn from my ordeal Source: Confessions of an ex-gear addict When I stopped at a beach overlook recently, I was surprised at how many very expensive cameras and lenses I saw being carried along the trails. Then I saw a photo,...

Women in 3D Animation Panel, this Thu in Pasadena, CA

At the February LA 3-D Club meeting: Stereo Sisters will be hosting an evening of Women in 3D Animation. Women from various skill levels and disciplines will come together to explore various 3D Animation techniques and share their experiences. Source: Women in 3D Animation Panel

Samsung said to end 3D TV features, LG scaling back

Samsung reportedly has not placed orders for 3D glasses for 2016 (but that is from one vendor – perhaps they switched vendors).  LG itself says that 3D support will only be in their premium, high end TVs, cutting “the number of supporting TVs by half”. Source: 3D is officially dead, future Samsung and LG TVs won’t even support it – Pocket-lint Update: Feb 23, 2016: Philips says “3D is dead”. Meanwhile,...