Monthly Archive: October 2015

Youtube 3D video player coming back, slowly?

I just noticed that when I watched this video in Chrome (and only Chrome), that the video now has an option for 2D or 3D anaglyph (only 3D option). I then disabled the HTML5 player to revert back to the Flash-based player and confirmed that the above was really appearing in the HTML5 player, not flash. Unfortunately, this new HTML5...

A professional photographer switches to the Nikon 1 System

A professional photographer switches to the Nikon 1 V2 system and ends up selling his D800. Here’s why and how he did that: This article outlines some of the reasons why I love shooting with the Nikon 1 camera system Source: why I love shooting with Nikon 1 I also shoot both the Nikon 1 V2 and the Lumix GH-n...

Converting photos into 3D models

Family portraits, team pictures, and wedding photos. We’ve all taken them and put them in a frame or scrapbook. But now there’s a new way to make those pictures come to life. Source: 3D Modeling Giving New Dimensions To Photography « CBS Minnesota