Monthly Archive: February 2015

42% of Americans now “oppose private ownership of drones”

But favor the government using them exclusively: Americans OK with police drones – private ownership, not so much: Poll | Reuters. Wow. This survey demonstrates the remarkable effectiveness of propaganda in warping people’s minds, with one poll respondent saying radio controlled model aircraft are as dangerous as guns and illegal drugs.

China tests package delivery via drones

While U.S. companies remain grounded by the FAA, a China-based company tests package delivery via small drones in China! (Bloomberg) — Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is making its first trial drone deliveries in China, as e-commerce rival Inc. struggles to start a similar program in the U.S. via Alibaba Drones Fly Over Beijing While Amazon Pleads for U.S. Tests – Bloomberg Business.

Glasses-Free 3D tech based on true holograms

Many people think any 3D image is a hologram – but most 3D images are not holograms at all. Holograms are a specific method of storing light wave interference patterns on, say, 2D film, in a such a way that when a light passes through the film, the original true 3D image is recreated. A 3D hologram can viewed – glasses free – from any position. It’s not a stereoscopic image....