Monthly Archive: October 2014

Youtube 60 fps demo video clip

I have posted a demo video clip of Youtube’s new 60 fps support. To play at 60 fps, you must select 720p or 1080p viewing modes and use the Chrome browser and the HTML5 video player. The Flash player (used in many other browsers, by default) does not appear to support 60 fps and just stops working. However, if you wish to watch 3D clips on Youtube, then you probably still...

YouTube now supports 60fps

Youtube has been experimenting with 60 fps for a while, but only with selected users. Today, 60 fps is now live for everyone. YouTube now supports 60fps playback, and video games look amazing | The Verge.

Ooyavah’s glasses free 3D support for the Apple iPad!

I saw a prototype of this technology in 2013 – its awesome! Add glasses free 3D viewing to your Apple iPad: Leveraging many years of 3D industry experience, Ooyavah has created a glasses-free 3D viewing solution for the world’s most popular tablet – the Apple iPad.  from Ooyavah. The product itself is named Pryzma. Click here to learn how it works. It combines a state of the art lenticular lens overlay, on...

Using a c-mount lens on a Nikon 1 J2 camera

The Nikon 1 cameras – J1, J2, J3, J4, V1, V2, and V3 – use a “1 inch” sensor that is about the same size as “Super 16mm” film. The small’ish sensor is ideal for working with old 16mm lenses (I have one) or with various c-mount lenses. Ideally, the c-mount lens should provide a “1 inch” coverage. However, the photos below were shot using a Tamron 4-12mm f/1.2 lens having...

The changing culture of Youtube

I recently noticed that many of the “channels” I subscribe to on Youtube have made no updates for 9 months, a year or more. I just went through and deleted 30% of my subscribed channels because they are no longer posting videos to Youtube. Wow. That’s quite a few. And it is worse than it looks because I kept subscriptions to several channels as bookmarks to some of their past videos...

Using old camera lenses on micro four thirds cameras

Not that long ago, I used some old Minolta film cameras. These cameras used lenses with the Minolta MC/MD mounting system and I have several old lenses that can be used on micro four thirds cameras with an appropriate adapter. Here’s my informal judgement as to work works well and what does not when using these old lenses on modern micro four thirds cameras. All of my tests were done on my...

4K Pay TV To Have 46 Million Subscribers by 2018

4K Pay TV To Have 46 Million Subscribers by 2018 | Digital Samurai | Related articles 46 million 4K/UltraHD homes by 2018 Panasonic’s 4K TVs finally play nice with Netflix 4K content after firmware update Netflix to Begin Charging More for 4K Streaming

Microsoft sends takedown notices to Youtube videos that did nothing wrong

Microsoft Serves Takedown Notices to Videos Not Infringing on Anything | WIRED. Tar and feathers for Microsoft, in this case. They issued take down notices to videos that were product reviews, and in some cases, critical of Microsoft products. Apparently this company also sent take down notices to Google to remove URLs pointing to Microsoft web pages because the pages allegedly violated Microsoft’s copyright 🙂