Monthly Archive: March 2014

Pixar to release old classics in 3D

Pixar Planning 3D Re-Releases Of ‘The Incredibles’ And ‘Ratatouille’ | The Playlist. Related articles Pixar 3D Releases Business Intelligence According to the Pixar Model

Studios find varying interest in 3D by country

There is a lot of data in this article: ‘3D needs to win back audiences’ | News | Screen. China 3D is growing like crazy but growth has stalled in the UK at 17% of theater revenue. Producers are now selectively releasing titles in 3D, depending on the region.

Calumet Photographic closes, files Chapter 7 bankruptcy

This is apparently only in the U.S. and stores elsewhere may remain open and since the announcement they suggest some US stores might reopen. Calumet US closes overnight. All your preorders likely lost. | 43 Rumors. Interesting background info here.

Sony’s 3D Experience channel shutting down March 31, 2014

The 3D Experience channel, operated by Sony, is a 3D content channel delivered to Internet connected Sony 3D TVs and Sony 3D Bluray compatible players. Sadly, there is a message on the channel indicating Sony is shutting it down effective March 31, 2014.  The channel carried demo clips of 3D music videos, wildlife and travel video, some of which was shot on their Sony 3D consumer camcorders, by professionals. Does not...

Sony discontinued the TD30V 3D camcorder

I do not know when this occurred but it was canceled as of the January CES and shows as a discontinued product in the Sony online store. The product remains available at retailers, such as at Amazon. The camera and consumer electronics companies have all seen multi year slow downs in sales. In the video area, for cameras and TVs, the new push is for 4k. 4k makes a lot of sense...