Monthly Archive: February 2014

Nikon 1 J1 J2 compact mirrorless cameras

I recently sold off some older gear that I no longer use. At the same time I went looking for a smaller camera form factor for my 3D work. I already shoot smaller Lumix GH-2 pairs but sometimes I want smaller than that, and especially to place the lens centers closer together for a narrow interaxial. I explored a lot of options, starting from thinking I wanted something like the Canon...

US Release of Disney’s Frozen 3D Blu-ray “delayed”

You can already pre-order the 3D version in the Amazon UK store but Disney seems to have put a US 3D release on ice: Official: ‘Frozen’ 3D Blu-ray Domestic Release Delayed Indefinitely – Disney News by Stitch Kingdom. There is a report that the UK release is a “region free” version (it is labeled that way at the Amazon UK site). Otherwise, as you may know, DVDs and Blu-rays are coded by...

Device adds 3D overlay to your TV viewing

Claims to analyze what your are watching and then adds Internet supplementary content in planes in front of the screen: Finally, A Way To Put 3D TV To Good Use. There’s a Youtube video at the link that illustrates the idea. Interesting.

Comparing camera image sensor size

Image sensor format – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not exactly to scale but close I suppose: Of interest, the popular 1/2.3″ sensor size used in most point and shoot compacts, is slightly larger than the original Super 8mm film frame. The Nikon CX 1″ format is slightly larger than standard 16mm film frame size. There are 4 mid-range formats (4/3ds, and flavors of APS-C), and then full frame. Where did the...

4K TVs with passive 3D look really good

Written by a reporter who understands 3D much better than most reporters: 4K TVs with passive 3D: Finally, a good use for all those pixels | TV and Home Theater – CNET Reviews. Having seen 4k 3D at CES, I agree – 4K will, once we have a broadcast and distribution standard, be a great way to deliver passive or glasses-free 3D.