Monthly Archive: November 2013

How To Make Your Micro 4/3 video look like Canon 5D3 Mk II video – in other words, not very good:)

A video editor plug in that takes good video and adds hand held shakes, focus errors and incorrect zooms! How To Make Your Micro 4/3 Footage Look Like It Was Shot On A 5D3 Mkll in post – Personal View Talks. Related articles Micro 4/3: What’s in a Name? The best cameras for shooting video (roundup)

Using a macro extension tube for extreme close ups

This close up photo was taken using the inexpensive Fotodiox macro extension tube set. The set includes 3 extensions – 7mm, 14mm and 28mm, but as you can see here, just the 7mm gets you up close! This shot was taken with just the 7mm extension between the Lumix GH2 and the kit 14-42mm lens.

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Could China become the world leader in 3D content and gear?

Absolutely. Read Al Cadullo’s comments here: Chinese Opportunity in the 3D Industry | China is poised to become the world leader in 3D. This bodes well for the future of 3D technology and content, as well as providing a base for a growing 3D industry of suppliers, content producers, manufacturers and talent. Related articles MasterImage 3D and China Film Equipment Co., Ltd Sign Agreement as 3D Cinema Systems for China’s...

Guide to 3D Photography ebook available, SRP US $5.99

Guide to 3D Photography, written by me, is available as an inexpensive e-book from the following online retailers: Amazon Google Play. Description Guide to 3D Photography is for the beginning 3D photographer, showing how to get started, how to process images on your computer or tablet, and how to view your 3D photographs. You can begin shooting 3D photos using one camera or two, or using integrated 3D cameras. This is a...

Free Android app: “Photo Guide by Pevest”

I created this app to experiment with a user interface design concept for a reference guide. It was built using JQuery and PhoneGap. Because PhoneGap is a cross platform tool, I also created versions and tested on iOS and Windows Phone, but I have no plans to release on those platforms. This app is available for free: Available at Google Play