Monthly Archive: August 2013

Check out

Be sure to check out – positioning itself as they spot for 3D video and still photographs, with a 3D online community too via the forum. Any registered member can submit photos and videos. Login with your Facebook ID or create a custom login ID. The site is presently in “Beta” mode but much/most of it is quite functional.

Jurassic Park 3D is #1 film in China

This is nice: Jurassic Park 3D a monster hit in China – There are many 3D naysayers in the media proclaiming that 3D is dead. I think they should go around all day with one eye covered up.

List of interaxial (lens spacing) for well known 3D cameras

This is from the Amazon wiki on “stereoscopy”: 10 mm Panasonic 3 D Lumix H-FT012 lens (for the GH2, GF2, GF3, GF5 cams and also for the hybrid W8 cam). 12 mm Praktica and Medion 3D (two clones of the DXG-5D8 cam). 20 mm Sony Bloggie 3D. 23 mm Loreo 3D Macro lens. 25 mm LG Optimus 3D and LG Optimus 3D MAX smartphones and the close-up macro adapter for the W1 and W3 Fujifilm cams....

How camera companies muck up their marketing efforts

They all build great cameras but only a couple excel at marketing – Readers story: “Marketing advice to Olympus, from a hobby photographer” by Mark Ryan Sallee | 43 Rumors. The writer of the linked story remarks that “micro 4/3ds” as a brand is unfortunate. “Micro” implies small while 4/3ds is a fraction and most people have minds that go numb at the first mention of numbers – especially fractions! Canon...

Youtube introducing live streaming for users with >100 subscribers

Start live streaming if you have 100+ subscribers: All channels in good standing with at least a hundred subscribers will be able to live stream, within the next few weeks. Check your Account Features page for an “Enable” button, and click it if you’re interested. via YouTube Creator Blog: Investing in you: more tools to build your channels.

Kalahari Meerkats in 3D shot using GoPro Hero2 cameras

I finally saw the first episode of “Kalahari Meerkats in 3D” (may have different names in other markets).  You’ll catch glimpses of their 3D, person mounted, camera rig, which was transmitting its images live over the Internet, while filming the program. I could tell they had a very short interaxial lens spacing and went looking for information. Here’s the info – they used 2 GoPro Hero2 cameras, specially modified lenses, and...