Monthly Archive: July 2013

Guide to 3D Photography e-book available

Guide to 3D Photography E-Book Available from Click Here to Buy! Guide to 3D Photography is for the beginning 3D photographer, showing how to get started, how to process images on your computer or tablet, and how to view your 3D photographs. You can begin shooting 3D photos using one camera or two, or using integrated 3D cameras. This is a hands-on guide with step-by-step examples for shooting, processing and...

$999 4K TV to ship in Fall of 2013

The third largest television maker in the world, China-based TCL, announced today that it will sell a 4K resolution, 50-in. Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV starting this fall for $999. via Time to toss that HDTV? An advantage of 4k is that it can finally deliver decent 3D compared to the half resolution HDTV 3D solutions (half resolution in vertical, horizontal or temporal dimension).  

My next 3D project will be attempted in Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013

The Civil War battle re-enactment video I uploaded last night, was edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 12. Vegas MS has decent 3D support except for some issues that make synchronizing dual camera tracks a bit tougher. Once two tracks are paired as a 3D stereoscopic pair, there is no way to shift one of the tracks over by individual frames, which may be necessary if they were not precisely synchronized....

CNETs guide to 3D TV

This is a very good overview:┬áCNETs guide to 3D TV: What you still need to know | TV and Home Theater – CNET Reviews.