Monthly Archive: May 2013

Canon Celebrates Manufacture of 90 Millionth EF Lens

On average, that means one in every eighty people on this planet owns a Canon EF lens. via Canon Celebrates Manufacture of 90 Millionth EF Lens – The Phoblographer. Or more likely that a smaller number own a lot of Canon lenses ūüôā

Canon does not void camera’s warranty for installing hacking tools

Dear Canon/Nikon/Panasonic Can I Use Custom Firmware With My Camera? | Nikon and Panasonic do void the warranty, however. Canon voids only the software/firmware section but the remainder of the camera remains under warranty. A commenter suggests that Canon’s decade of experience with the CHDK and Magic Lantern community leads them to understand the importance of, and the value added, by external software. Canon has, so far, been the only...

SeeFront’s Glasses Free 3D wins German Innovation Award

SeeFront GmbH has won the German Innovation Award 2013. The Hamburg-based company’s glasses-free 3D display technology convinced the jury members, among them physicist and Nobel laureate Prof. Dr. Gerd Binnig and Cornelia Rudloff-Schaeffer, president of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. via SeeFront 3D Getting Real: SeeFront wins the German Innovation Award 2013!.

iPhone 6: Will It Have A 3D Camera?

iPhone 6: Will It Have A 3D Camera?. Other 3D phones have not done so well. On the other hand, last year Apple surveyed customers of Final Cut Pro (their video/movie editing suite) about their interest in 3D support.

Olympus applies for patent on 3D camera and lens

Olympus patent discloses new 3D camera and lens. | 43 Rumors. Hard to tell from the drawings but it looks like the lens (see right most drawing at link) is doing an internal beam split to give slightly different left and right perspectives.