Monthly Archive: March 2013

Dead 3D TV keeps on growing!

Attack of the 3D Zombies: Dead 3D still grows – Personal View Talks. 30% of LCD TVs to be shipped in 2013 will have 3D capability.

Will visiting an historic mansion we lucked out – they also had a small display of historical stereoscopes. These are pictures that were printed on a card with separate left eye and right eye views, and then viewed with a stereoscopic viewer. The ones we saw were probably a good 100 years old – pretty cool! I took 3D stereoscopic...

“3D with glasses is dead and 4K won’t sell”

Speaking at TV Connect in London, [HBO CTO] Zitter claimed that 3D TV that used glasses is dead and admitted that he is very sceptical over whether consumers will ever buy 4K televisions. via 3D with glasses is dead and 4K won’t sell, says HBO tech chief | News | TechRadar. Related articles What is 4K? Next-generation resolution explained 3D...

A multi-directional wide-angle 3D display system

A multi-directional backlight for a wide-angle, glasses-free three-dimensional display : Nature : Nature Publishing Group. When I was at CES, I suggested to someone that I cannot name the idea that perhaps it would be possible to create multiple steerable viewports from a display. How that would be done is way past me but the idea is similar to the...

Want to try 3D design?

Online service to design and 3D print your creation: Want to try 3D design? Now you can » Web Extra » Niagara Gazette.