Monthly Archive: February 2013

Why Disney Stops 2D-to-3D Conversions

Looks like patent licensing could be the reason Disney will not be doing further 2D to 3D conversion, as well as the conversions not making as much money as hoped:¬†Why Disney Stops 2D-to-3D Conversions. Related articles Disney Appeal Halts Digital Domain 3D Patent Sale Disney Freaks Out Over Patents That May Mean It Can’t Keep 3Ding Old Movies

3D Visualization Apps are Coming – to the web and mobile worlds

I expect to see greater use of 3D in both online and offline apps, and in mobile apps too, for visualizing information that naturally fits within a 3D model: CyberLightning Oulu, Finland and StockSmart will bring together the power of 3D visualization to investors using StockSmart Apps. Currently in Beta test, the new StockSmart Apps will be released in May 2013. via 3D Internet Apps are Coming. Indeed, this is a topic...