Monthly Archive: February 2013

A completely different way to shoot 3D with a DSLR or DSLM camera

A completely different way to shoot 3D. For the photo at left (red/cyan 3D anaglyph), I put the Canon SX1 into continuous shooting mode. I pressed the shutter and panned slowly to the right, firing off more than a dozen photos. For the photo at right, I did the same thing but this time I walked slowly from left to right. I then selected two photos from each sequence to use as...

Panasonics CMOS Sensor Enables to Take 3D Video With Single Lens

Panasonic Corp developed a 2.1-Mpixel CMOS image sensor for camera systems capable of taking 3D movie with a single lens and announced it at ISSCC 2013 thesis number: 27.8.Traditionally, two lenses and two CMOS sensors are required to take 3D video. But Panasonic enabled to do it with a single lens and a CMOS image sensor. via Panasonics CMOS Sensor Enables to Take 3D Video With Single Lens — Tech-On!.

3D Printed “Sound” Amplifiers

Believe it or not, these work great. They are acoustic chambers that focus the sound from an iPhone such that you can turn your iPhone into a nice “amplified” sound system without an amplifier. The company that designs and sells the acoustic chambers is Simply Amplified. They outsource the actual 3D printing to a 3D print service firm: These are shown being demo’d at the 2013 CES. Related articles 3D printed...

Interactive, volumetric 3D display

A volumetric 3D display is a display that exists in more than 2-dimensions – it literally has volume.  Here’s an early version that for now is mostly 2D but a future version will include a volume: Displair LLC is a Russia-based firm. It is hard to tell from the photo what is going on so I will try to explain.  Here, a humidifier like device is creating a translucent wall on...

The 3D camera add on for your iPhone or Android phone

Joutec Company Limited showed off this small 3D camera that links over Wi-Fi to your smart phone, providing true stereoscopic 3D capability for smart phones. This really works too! And when available, it will be very inexpensive. And I know its durable because I clumsily dropped it on the floor and it kept on working great!

Samsung’s NX300 and 2D/3D switchable lens as shown at 2013 CES

Samsung makes some amazing cameras – most impressive to me is their ease of use and the superb readability of their camera manuals. Live 3D camera view from the NX300 at the Samsung booth at the 2013 CES.   Some explanation of what this is     Close up of the NX 300 camera.

3D at CES – more on various 3D technologies shown at CES

In response to a comment suggestion, yes, I really do need to finish off some updates from CES. As you may know, I had the flu for 3 weeks (got it on the 2nd day at CES) which set me behind on everything and now I am back to traveling every other week. Anyway, let’s get started. 4K and 3D As you have read here or perhaps seen elsewhere, 3D was...