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What Happened to Glasses-Free 3D TV?

Heh: I can’t say I came away from CES feeling like the arrival of glasses-free 3D is imminent, but the prototypes are getting better. Maybe once the obsession with 4K television subsides, glasses-free 3D can be the next next big thing. via What Happened to Glasses-Free 3D TV? |

#CES is over

I hope to have more comments on 3D business and technologies soon. However, the last day I came down with a nasty cold, fever, headaches, aches and pains. A bit worse than the usual sore feet problem. Consequently, no big updates for a bit.

#3D is dead, #3D is alive and future is bright #CES #CES2013

CES: Nobody Cares About 3D – says 3D is dead. I don’t expect much from IGN and they do not disappoint: Each major manufacturer had at least one 3D demo at their booth, but gone are the elaborate 3D installations that would greet you as you entered. Hello? LG had the world’s largest 3D video wall on display – you CANNOT MISS IT as it encompassed the main entry to Central...

More from #CES2013 – #3D info and more – #CES

Joutec will be shipping soon this wireless add on 3D camera for smart phones.  They will have apps for iPhone and Android. The camera shoots 3D video and transfers to an app on the smart phone via WiFi, where the stream can be recorded to memory. This is a nifty way of adding 3D capability to a smart phone. (Click on any photo for a larger version)   Modular robotics based...

#CES2013 #CES A more nuanced view of #3D camera offerings

As noted yesterday, the consumer 3D camera space seems to be dwindling as there are broad hints or outright statements that some of the consumer 3D cameras are no more or are likely to fade away in 2013. But the situation is a bit more nuanced than how that first sounds. First, 3D is far from dead. Its in everything but no one makes a big deal out of it anymore....

#CES2013 #CES Report on consumer 3D cameras

Consumer 3D cameras are not selling. The Lumix 3D1 is still being sold but I picked up word that sales are slow and it might not be continued, perhaps later in 2013. Fujifilm is no longer manufacturing the Fujifilm W3 (confirmed) but is continuing to sell from existing inventory. I was told by a Fujifilm staff member who knows the issues well, that sales have dropped off sharply on the W3...

#CES2013 NVIDIA announces Tegra 4

Of interest to readers here, the new chip includes an HDR camera capability built-in – AND – it does HDR video too. That is very cool. —- All of this is, however, to give people better mobile “gaming experiences”. One would think we could apply all this talent and capability to solving some real world problems. Oh well 🙁