Monthly Archive: December 2012

3D Digital Signage coming at you

LG Electronics will showcase its digital signage lineup at the upcoming International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Jan. 8-11, 2013. The LG selection will include the companys flagship 55-inch 3D video wall, the 84-inch Ultra HD multitouch signage, the EZ Sign TV, Smart Gate Media Pole, Smart Mirror and other commercial display solutions, according to a company announcement. via LG showing off digital signage, massive 3D video wall at CES...

2013 Consumer Electronics Show Almost Live Updates

I will be at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show and will post during the week on (3D camera’s especially), mobile/tablets and other technology on, and micro four thirds camera technology (and other camera technology) on I will be posting items, as I can, every evening from CES. Hopefully the Internet access will work better this year than last year where it ran at telephone modem speed.

Fake 3D Movies vs Real 3D Movies

A 3D hater decides 3D is going to be okay: I have always had a problem with 3D movies. For me 3D movies are a gimmick and are as much about cheap thrills and parlour tricks as it is about delivering a great movie experience. Recently I had my mind changed about this after buying a 3D television. via Fake 3D Movies vs Real 3D Movies – MoviesOnline. The problem has...

3D to 2D conversion glasses

The idea sounds weird but there is a reason for it and it makes sense: 3D to 2D glasses (reverse conversion) | 3D Film Tutorials.