Monthly Archive: August 2012

Various new cameras to feature WiFi, Android OS and links to smart phones

At CES last January, camera makers demo’d product concept cameras that linked via Wi-Fi to apps running on smart phones. Features included the ability to route real time video from the camera to the remote smart phone, as well as remote control of the camera from the phone. Others provided ways to upload photos from the camera to online social media web sites. A couple of camera makers will apparently soon...

When shooting #3D, objects in mirror really are further away than they appear

I was experimenting with some 3D lens positioning and took a photo of my Honda Fit car in the driveway. In processing the image, I discovered that items reflected in the windows and the car itself end up appearing further away in 3D space. Which is a very cool effect! Now I want to find a building with mirrored windows and take some photos of that in 3D – should produce...

Kodak to sell off its film business

The end of the yellow boxes: The venerable but bankrupt camera company Eastman Kodak has put the iconic film portion of its business up for sale. Eastman Kodak said on Thursday that its selling the business unit, which includes its "traditional photographic paper and still camera film products." Film has been overtaken by digital imaging in recent years. via Kodak to sell film business – Aug. 24, 2012.

#3D TV Series Announced by Sawdust Productions

Sawdust Productions, an international consortium of three Los Angeles and Montreal-based production companies, has announced the launch of “SAWDUST,” the first 3D television series to be shot in 3D and 2D. via 3D TV Series Announced by Sawdust Productions – Entertainment News – redOrbit.

Google files patent for #3D Video Conferencing for notebook PCs

Google Invents 3D Video Conferencing for Notebooks & Beyond – Telepresence Options. But from the drawing, their interaxial spacing is WAY too large to be useful. Let’s assume its just a concept. The actual patent application appears to be no so much about 3D video conferencing as about using two cameras for either 3D or two separate 2D images, say, for a 2nd person sitting next to the first. This goes...

Glass free projection 3D system

Basically – a movie theater system that does not require 3D glasses to watch 3D movies: Optics InfoBase: Optics Express – A frontal projection-type three-dimensional display.

New Sony camera sensor could bring HDR video to cell phones

Sony Exmor RS sensor upgrades photo and video quality of smartphone cameras. I am skeptical of the HDR movie recording claim vis a vis cell phones. HDR video recording likely produces very large video files, not exactly the best match to the limited memory on smart phones. However, the HDR output might have benefits to at least improving dynamic range of the MPEG4 recording. Present small sensors generally have terrible dynamic...