Monthly Archive: January 2012

Intel buys video patents from RealNetworks

RealNetworks, makers of the Real Player, have sold video-related patents and apparently a video codec development team, to Intel: Intel bolsters video patent portfolio with purchase from RealNetworks — Engadget. Clearly, Intel wants to ramp up some video offerings. Years ago, before Youtube days, I experimented with streaming online video using Flash, Real, Quicktime and Windows Media. My goal, then, since it ran on my own servers, was to minimize the...

Fujifilm X-Pro1 demonstrates very low noise images

  This links to a French web site – if you visit this using Chrome, Chrome will offer to translate to a language of your choice: Fujifilm X-Pro1: images with higher sensitivities. Fujifilm uses a new design APS-C sensor to deliver super low noise images. According to the link (with sample images), noise is essentially invisible through ISO 1600 and minimal through ISO 6400.  This means that Fujifilm has achieved superb low...

Sigma likely to focus on micro Four Thirds and NEX lenses

Currently we are looking at serious photographers or photo enthusiasts. We think its our mission to support as many systems as possible. But we try to support systems that provide high quality images. So, for compact system cameras, we think the Sony system and Micro Four Thirds are the categories that we should support. via Sigma interview: NEX and Micro Four Thirds are major focus – Imaging Resource.

The WVIL Wireless viewfinder, programmable camera

This is what I have been talking about … someone will step up to build a camera that ships with a software development kit so that 3rd parties can add new capabilities. I wish I as doing this!  Their idea is that the camera functionality is in the lens – and it wirelessly communicates with the attached mobile phone device (I think!)