Monthly Archive: November 2011

A Good Videographer Keeps a Camcorder Dry

A Good Videographer Keeps a Camcorder Dry | Video News. Heh. I nearly destroyed my Canon XH A1 due to rain. I had a commercially made rain cover on the camera, but it had a faulty design that enabled water to dribble in through roughly the top dead center of the bag. I was set up to film a parade in Western Washington, but nearly 1 1/2 inches of rain fell...

Videos to watch

Devin Graham is an amazing young videographer in Utah; I’ve been watching his videos for quite some time. Watch this and see if you agree! I recommend subscribing to his Youtube channel. Seriously! I also recommend his good friend Lindsey Stirling’s Youtube channel. Watch this video – created by Devin – and you may be hooked too. Lindsey is featured in this video:

The Thermal Sounds of Yellowstone

Here is a video I shot in September – this is video focuses on the sounds coming from the thermal features in Yellowstone. Photographed with an Canon XH-A1 and an Audio-Technica AT-835b long shot gun mic, and some segments shot using a Panasonic Lumix GH-2. Me, shooting the Artist’s Paint Pots.

Demonstration of 2 shot gun mics used for stereo recording

The following video was recorded using an XH-A1 and two on camera mounted long shot gun AT-835b microphones. This was not an ideal way to mount the microphones but it definitely performed “good enough”. When the camera and mics are a long ways from the field, there is not as much stereo channel separation as you might expect. But the stereo mics add a depth to the sound that was missing...

2011 Fall Colors Video

3 minute video. Filmed in the Finch Arboretum on November 3, 2011. The walking scenes turned out quite nice, I think. Filmed using a Lumix GH-2, Manfrotto tripod, 501 head, Tamron 4-12mm C-mount surveillance lens for wide angle shots, and a Sigma 28-70mm Minolta mount lens for all other shots. Music is from the Sony Content royalty free library.