Monthly Archive: September 2011

New fish-eye lens for Micro Four Thirds to be available shortly

Samyang 7.5mm F3.5 fish-eye for Micro Four Thirds coming soon: Digital Photography Review. Samyang, which makes lenses sold under seven different brand names, including Rokinon and Vivitar, has announced a new 7.5 mm fish-eye.  The new lens, which is all manual, will be shipping in mid-September and has been priced, so far, at 299 Euros.

Humorous features your new camera must have

Feature 1: Shutter correction. Let’s face the facts, when you take a picture, you’ve already missed the shot. Shutter correction adds a random timer to trigger the shutter 5-200 seconds later, ensuring your mistake can still turn into the perfect shot. Feature 2: Auto pan. Henceforth, when shooting in “Program Auto” mode, DSLR’s will also make framing, panning and tilting decisions FOR you! No need for critical thinking. After all, technology...

The Zombie version of Final Cut Pro 7 lives again

Gadgetbox – Apple brings back previous Final Cut Pro, sort of. Well, yeah, sort of.  The new FCP X is incompatible with FCP 7, which it replaced. That created huge headaches for shops that needed to add more FCP 7 workstations to their editing mix – and could not jump on FCP X mid-stream since it was not compatible with existing projects. I still use FCP 7 but have begun using...