Monthly Archive: March 2011

Cameras moving to “backside illumination” sensors

Camera market flipping to new sensor technology | Deep Tech – CNET News. I saw a demo of BSI at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. BSI enabled decent, low noise photos to be taken in very poor light – such as outdoors at night. All of the examples I have seen have been in still picture cameras, some of which also take video. I have not yet seen this technology in...

Clouds over Spokane video clip

Photographed using a Canon SX1 still camera, and CHDK hack software with a time lapse script set to 1 shot every 5 seconds: Time lapse clouds over Spokane, Wa from Coldstreams on Vimeo.

Panasonic Lumix GH-2

A Lumix GH-2 landed here last week. I was swamped so was unable to begin using until the weekend. On Saturday I did a short hike. Enjoyed taking one small camera (the GH-2 is small – no mirror!), a couple of lenses and a small tripod – and shooting both stills and video. (Photo is of an airplane named the GH-2 – couldn’t resist.) Wow! The camera has amazed me –...