Monthly Archive: January 2009

New Law Will Require Camera Phones to ‘Click’

New Law Will Require Camera Phones to ‘Click’. As we enter the The Second Depression, you might think Congress would have higher priorities than stuff like this! I suppose they will require red tally lights on all video cameras too. No more turning off the tally light – covering it up with black tape will probably get you a year in the slammer.

Key frame video animation

Excellent tutorial on using key frame animation in Final Cut Express and Pro. Key frame animation opens up many special effects possibilities – but the feature is generally not available in low end editing programs. Watch the video – shows you how put key frame animation to use: Key frame video editing | Video Production Tips.

Audio: Make Your Own Mic Blimp

Audio: Make Your Own Mic Blimp. Looks pretty straightforward! Mic blimps protect your mic from wind noise. No more wind rumble. I routinely use “dead cat” fur coverings over all my mics, all the time. I’ve avoided wind rumble at up to about 15 to 20 mph in all situations except once when the wind was coming in gusts directly towards me. A blimp would be nice but is usually not...

Microsoft Research “Mosaics” Video editing

Microsoft Research invents a new technology for editing and modifying video with capabilities similar to how still photographers manipulate and air brush still photos with Adobe Photoshop. Microsoft Unwraps Mosaics. Watch the video demo – well worth watching!

“Product placements” in online videos

How do you make money with online videos? One suggestion is to sell product placement with payment apportioned by the number of views the video receives: Monetize Your YouTube Videos With Product Placement and Tadcast. Certainly an interesting idea and potentially more successful than the “in your face” pre-roll ads used by some video services.

Microsoft Research Songsmith

Automatically composes bad music to go along with bad singing! Microsoft Research Songsmith. Watch the video. If you can.