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Copyright scammers issue false copyright claims on Youtube videos

Read the whole thread: Help! I got a falsely accused Copyright Strike! – Google Product Forums. Anyone can make a copyright claim against others on Youtube, and start earning ad revenue off of your videos. This has turned into a cottage industry for scammers. If you contest their claims, they come right back and make bogus claims on other videos. The entire Youtube copyright mechanism is broken.

Videos to watch

Devin Graham is an amazing young videographer in Utah; I’ve been watching his videos for quite some time. Watch this and see if you agree! I recommend subscribing to his Youtube channel. Seriously! I also recommend his good friend Lindsey Stirling’s Youtube channel. Watch this video – created by Devin – and you may be hooked too. Lindsey is featured in this video:

Stock Photos and Royalty Free music

Royalty Free Stock Photos at Good photos, low prices. Other good sources include the Zemanta plugin in WordPress that tries to fetch public domain photos for use on your blog. I only use them for non-commercial purposes as many of them go back to Flickr or Wikipedia and other public sources. For music, check out Incompetech.  Free for personal, non-commercial use – although I have donated to him as donations...

Finding Music for Your Online Videos

4 Ways to Find Legal Music for Your YouTube Videos. I have both a library of licensed ‘royalty free music’, plus I have also used music from for which I sent a donation via Paypal.

Microsoft Research Songsmith

Automatically composes bad music to go along with bad singing! Microsoft Research Songsmith. Watch the video. If you can.