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ON1 Photo RAW supported camera and file types

ON1 Photo RAW is a very nice RAW image processor. However, it seems that for some older cameras, they do not use their own RAW image conversion but something else – and what that is, is not clear. For some older cameras, the ON1 results are not up to par for where they need to be today. Their web site describes Tier 1 and Tier 2 camera support and the problems show up on the Tier 2 group – and it is unclear how those photos are actually being processed.

Simple Photography-do we all need the latest camera gear?

Do we all need the latest and greatest camera gear? Nearly all web site and Youtube channel reviewers are gear pushers who make their money through affiliate marketing links. All of them have become “gear pushers”. Marketing propaganda convinces people they need the latest and greatest gear – gear that, of course, will be obsolete by next year when you’ll have to upgrade once again or suffer the consequences of being left behind. But do we really have to live our lives this way and succumb to the marketing propaganda and pressure?

Canon EOS R reviewer is loaded with nonsense opinions

Two weeks after Nikon introduced 2 mirrorless cameras, Canon introduces 1 mirrorless camera – ten years after competitors launched the mirrorless revolution in photography. Canon’s offering is missing many features that have been available for years from those “second-rate companies” whose products are not “serious” and “credible” says the Canon fan boy reviewer.

Great suggestions for those thinking of doing drone photography

The link below goes to a great article. But I add tip #0 – make sure you are in an area where you can legally fly a quadcopter. Many enthusiasts live within 5 miles of airports and cannot legally fly unless they drive considerable distances. They may also find that there are restrictions at their destinations – no flying in National Parks or National Monuments and many state parks also prohibit...

 8K 3D VR 360 Pro camera introduced for $5,000

While 3D TV has vanished, VR 3D is now a growing market. The Insta360 Pro 2 is, obviously, marketed at professional applications, not consumers. 3D VR 180 cameras are more likely to be used by consumers due to their simplicity of use and not having to post process to remove the photographer from the scenes. Source: Insta360 Pro 2 is a VR Camera with Six Cameras for 8K 3D 360 Video