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“Google Introduces #VR180 Creator for #3D and #VR Video Editing” #VR3D

Great to see a resurgence of 3D, now in the VR space: Google introduced its new VR180 creator to help VR camera owners shoot 3D videos and immersive photos using affordable hardware.The tool allows anyone to create and edit VR and 3D content thanks to the simple user interface and beginner-friendly tools. Source: Google Introduces VR180 Creator for 3D and VR Video Editing

How to stream 3D movies from your PC to your Gear VR 

Source: How to stream 3D movies from your PC to your Gear VR | Android Central Samsung’s Gear VR is designed to work with Samsung smart phones. However, with the right viewing apps, it can sometimes be used to view VR and 3D videos with non-Samsung smart phones. At the time I bought a Gear VR headset, it was apparently the only type of “Google Cardboard” Viewer headsets that included a...

VR 3D, VR 180 stereoscopic cameras shown at #CES2018

Kodak Pixpro 180 – a VR 360 camera that unfolds, points both lenses in the same direction and turns into a VR 180 stereoscopic 3D camera! Vuze+  VR 360 3D camera Stereoscopic VR 180 3D cameras, built on Google’s standard, introduced High End – 8 camera VR 360 3D system I assume there is also something new from LucidCam as well. I will do a post at some point on re-formatting...