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Using the Minolta 58mm f/1.4 lens on a Nikon 1 J1 camera

I like experimenting and using “non-standard” camera configurations. In a world of full frame DSLRs, I tend to use little sensors because its more challenging. Or something! Here, I shot a couple of test shots (JPEG mode, not RAW) using a Minolta f/1.4 58mm prime lens. Both photos were taken using an MD mount to Nikon 1 mount adapter on the Nikon 1 J1 (10 megapixel) camera with a 1″ sensor....

2016 Rose City Comic Con Photos (2D and 3D)

Rose City Comic Con 2016. Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon. Cosplay, comic books, science fiction fantasy, gaming, movies, pop culture. To see all the photos, click on the links to go my Flickr photo albums. Saturday photos album (200+ photos) Sunday photos album (100+ photos) 3D photos Related articles Portland’s nerds come out for Rose City Comic Con My Rose City Comic Con Panels Rose City Comic-Con announces programming, guests, promise...

Learning to “see in 3D” to improve 2D photos

As a 3D stereographer, I am always aware of the 3D space in front of me. And when shooting 2D, I often wish I was shooting 3D! The key idea, in this linked column, is that by learning to see in 3D, we can improve our 2D photos. You might think “seeing in 3D” is obvious – after all we see a 3D world around us. But truly, as 3D photographers...

Shooting with small sensor cameras

Thor’s Well, Cape Perpetua, Oregon Coast. Photo taken with Nikon 1 J5. On this short trip, I took only small cameras, like the Nikon 1 and my Olympus XZ-2 “point n shoot” to see what I could do 🙂 “Circles in the Sand”, giant artwork on the beach below this cliff at Bandon Beach, Oregon.

Spruce Goose Aircraft in 3D, Evergreen Aviation Museum

Howard Hughes’ remarkable Spruce Goose aircraft is on display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. This is a “must see” aviation and space museum. Click on any photos to view in full size on Flickr. Red/cyan Anaglyph Cross-eyed view: Parallel and side-by-side for 3D Monitors: