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Gatwick Airport closed by rogue drone flights

Someone flying industrial drones over Gatwick Airport has caused the airport to be shut down. ‘She said the amount of time the drone had been above the airport supported the idea that it was being flown there deliberately. “This very much points to this being planned and not just some rogue hobbyist,” she said.’

The impact of this will be draconian new regulations (many of which are already in the works) that will make the flying of model aircraft (especially away from a certified model airfield) expensive, effectively cutting out most recreational flights.

In September, Mexico issued rules banning operation of drones by non-Mexicans, nationwide #drones #quadcopters #UAS

In September, 2018, Mexico issued new regulations that prohibit the operation of all “drones” (literally all model aircraft) by anyone who is not a Mexican national. This means that visitors from other countries are now prohibited from flying quadcopters or other model aircraft anywhere in Mexico.

Canada set to launch new #drone regulations #drones #UAS #UAV #quadcopters

While this is Canada, I’m not sure how the “30 meters from people” restriction would work. It would effective shut down operations at many certified model aircraft airfields as visitors are permitted within about 10 meters of our runway. Notable – requires that everyone pass a written exam, carry liability insurance and operate at least 30 m away from people. And that’s for drones less than 1 kg in mass (2.2...