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FAA seeks cancellation of Advisory Circular AC 91-57 concerning model aircraft

Cancellation Memo AC 91-57. The FAA says it is in process of developing a new advisory circular. Oddly, the FAA cites its authority to do this as the 2012 FAA reauthorization act, section 336 which actually says the FAA “may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft, or an aircraft being developed as a model aircraft, if –” basically, its a hobby model aircraft. Thus, they will issue a...

Senator Feinstein to propose legislation to ban all commercial “drones” usage

A top senator wants to extend the FAA’s ban on drones – The Washington Post. Feinstein has never liked “drones”, but this latest salvo seems to be in response to the gruberized FAA’s government sponsored propaganda report on alleged “near misses”. More on the Feinstein ban proposal here. Related articles A top senator wants to extend the FAA’s ban on drones

How to file comments on FAA proposal to ban FPV model aircraft

See FAA proposes ban on First-Person View (FPV) model aircraft operation Then, file your comments on the proposed regulation by going to: – Rule Document. Then click on the Comment Now button in the upper right. Your comments become part of the public record which the FAA must consider in implementing its proposed rule interpretation or rule making procedure.

How-To: Learning to fly a quad copter

Thinking of flying a quad copter but you have no experience? And you need to teach yourself? My recommendation, and that of others, is to start with an inexpensive radio controlled toy. You will crash. You will break stuff. And fixing an inexpensive RC toy costs a lot less than a $1,000 or $4,000 multi-copter. I have the Hubsan X4 with its integrated 720p video camera. They are available at Amazon:...