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Converting photos into 3D models

Family portraits, team pictures, and wedding photos. We’ve all taken them and put them in a frame or scrapbook. But now there’s a new way to make those pictures come to life. Source: 3D Modeling Giving New Dimensions To Photography « CBS Minnesota

3D printing of custom splints for fracture immobilization

Potentially an interesting idea: Russian startup 3D prints custom splints and plasters — RT News. There are other lightweight mold-able materials and plastics that can be readily formed around a limb too – while it takes 12 hours to 3D print a splint. This might be solving a problem that is better solved with other materials.

The First 3D Printed Movie … by Random Cat Pictures

We’ve all heard humorous murmurs like “gee, what will they be 3D printing next—babies?” Many of us do wonder what the technological crystal ball holds for 3D printing. And while 3D printing technology has been the “stuff” that movies are made from, literally (think Coraline or The Boxtrolls), it  hasn’t yet been the central theme, until now, with Caden–and what a provocative one it is. via The First 3D Printed Movie: Random...

The SuperHero 3D Gimbal System |

3DGuy has several packaged solutions for integrated 3D shooting using the GoPro Hero3+ cameras. Check them out: The SuperHero 3D Gimbal System | Ordering options here. They call it an “UN Kick Starter” offer since you get an actual product 🙂