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Reporters still refer to 3D Goggles with a new twist: “goggle-free 3D”

Many biased reporters called 3D glasses “3D goggles” to insult the technology as best they could. They then simultaneously rave over VR helmets, which makes no sense. My 3D glasses are nearly identical to my reading glasses, but no one says I’m wearing “reading goggles”! And we don’t wear “dark goggles” when we drive on a bright and sunny day!...


VR 3D, VR 180 stereoscopic cameras shown at #CES2018

Kodak Pixpro 180 – a VR 360 camera that unfolds, points both lenses in the same direction and turns into a VR 180 stereoscopic 3D camera! Vuze+  VR 360 3D camera Stereoscopic VR 180 3D cameras, built on Google’s standard, introduced High End – 8 camera VR 360 3D system I assume there is also something new from LucidCam as...


“This video is 2D and 3D Simultaneously: the Pulfrich Effect”

Tom Scott has created a brilliant demonstration video of the Pulfrich Effect. You’ll need a pair of ordinary dark glasses – use just one side to cover just the right eye. Then watch his video. You’ll see the video in full color 3D, event though it is a 2D video. 3D video enthusiasts may already know a bit about how...

34% of Star Wars The Last Jedi opening weekend watched in #3D #StarWars

34% of Star Wars The Last Jedi opening weekend watched in #3D #StarWars

“Before taking the lead this weekend at the domestic box-office, “Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi” proved fans are still as eager as ever to see films in 3D. This week RealD, the world’s largest 3D cinema platform, announced that Lucasfilm’s latest Star Wars installment earned an impressive 34% of its worldwide gross from 3D performances of the film.”...

IMAX to show less movies in 3D

Reality is IMAX is not as popular as it once was either. They went from big screens to pseudo big screens squished into regular movie theaters – and then turned the volume up to +11. I have not watched an IMAX movie in an “IMAX theater” since The Hobbit came out – and the IMAX experience wasn’t much there, on...

“Avatar 2” might be presented in glasses-free 3D theaters

I’ve been reading about glasses free 3D projection systems for some time – they are certainly coming and this would be quite exciting for Avatar 2 to launch glasses free 3D theaters – but it is not yet for certain that this will happen. Avatar 2 Could be Projected in Glasses Free 3D