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Samsung drops Gear VR support on new devices; Google drops Daydream VR support on Pixel 3A

But with Gear VR not being compatible with Samsung’s newest flagship phone, and with Google announcing in May that the Pixel 3A wouldn’t support Android’s built-in Daydream platform, it’s hard not to think that phone-based VR may be on the decline. Source: Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 10 won’t work with its Gear VR headset – The Verge VR was sort of dead at CES 2019, sort of buried at E3 2019,...

How review sites have become an extension of camera sales programs

Camera reviews are largely sales pitch tools, today, with numerous reviewers conveniently offering links to retailers, for which the reviewer receives a sales commission if a sale results. Consequently, reviewers have incentives to push you towards ever more expensive camera gear. The quoted text in the image “We don’t often get excited about $900 cameras” says it all – unless you are spending mega bucks, you aren’t a serious photographer! Ha ha!