Proposed UK law to require drones to be trackable, possibly required to file flight plans before flight

Told ‘ya:

The planned legislation would aim to introduce the mandatory use of an app – most drones are flown through a smartphone or device – which all fliers would have to download.

This would mean they would have to register and provide information which would make them more easily traceable, in a situation where a pilot was committing an offence.

The app could also allow a means of real time two-way communication between the user, other users around them, and relevant government authorities.

Users could even be pushed to pre-file notification of their flight before using a drone at certain heights.

There may be a push for consumer-level drones to have a short battery life of say less than 10 minutes. This would reduce the distance over which a consumer drone could be used for malicious purposes.

Source: Are drone laws going to change after the Gatwick incident? | The Independent

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