New drone regulations take effect in Canada in 2019

Transport Canada is advising a minimum age of operation of 16 in those zones, and would-be pilots would also have to pass a written test, register their devices and affix government-issued registration marks to the aircraft.


Diana Cooper, senior vice-president of policy & strategy at PrecisionHawk, a commercial drone and data company, said the U.S. is currently moving forward with rules for remote identification of drones.”(It) is similar to a license plate for cars, it allows law enforcement to remotely identify information about a drone such as the name and the location of the operator,” she said.

Source: Canada to impose stricter rules for drone operation next year | CTV News

Looks like my predictions about future regulations are spot on.

Good thing that eco-warriors and terrorists will put their government issued registration number and remote identification system on all their own model aircraft!

A lot of “FUD” will be used to justify regulatory burdens on everyone, yet such regulations will not not solve any of the original problems.

The goal is not to actually solve problems – the goal is to make model aircraft flying de facto so expensive and cumbersome that few will participate. The FAA already did this to the ultralight aircraft industry and they will do it to the consumer drone industry too.

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