ON1 Photo RAW supported camera and file types

ON1 Photo RAW is photograph editor and organizer, combining features of RAW image processing and photo editing (including layers and masking typically found in photo specific editing packages).

I like the user interface of the product (a lot) but have noticed the RAW image processing of some of my photos is not up to par – seriously not up to par – with some other RAW image processors. I found this item on their web site:

Tier 2 Compatible Cameras

The Tier 2 list below lists camera models that are also compatible with ON1 Photo RAW. You will be able to view, open and edit raw files from these camera models in ON1 Photo RAW, however, cameras listed in Tier 2 will not be opened and processed with the raw engine that is built into the ON1 Photo RAW. These files will be opened and processed using the raw engine that is built into your operating system.

I am not sure what this means. For example, from my recollection, Windows 10 did not directly support RAW images – you would not be able to see a thumb nail view in the File Explorer, for example. To address that, I installed a 3rd party RAW image module for Windows 10 that enables Windows open and display RAW files. Which leads me to wonder, is this the code that is then being called by ON1 Photo to open up my older image files?

As my post below notes, I usually shoot with older cameras and the ON1 RAW image quality issue may be due to my older cameras being on their “Tier 2” list.

Other RAW image processing software works fine with these older cameras.

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