GoPro to end Karma drone product #GoPro #Drone #Drones

GroPro says that regulations in the U.S. and Europe are “hostile” to the drone business, without offering an  explanation. GoPro is getting out of the drone business.

Here is a survey of regulations in Europe, including Russia range from hostile to drone usage to straight forward, depending on the country. Some countries require a commercial license if the drone takes any pictures at all, for example, and Sweden bans all photography from drones over everything except private property. Some countries require a pilot’s license or commercial pilot’s license (not a US Part 107 drone certificate but an actual pilot’s license, including passage of a medical exam) for any commercial use, which may include merely taking photos. Some countries require registering your drone, even if for hobby use, with a government agency (and paying fees), while some requiring filing a flight plan with the aviation authorities prior to each flight.

There are efforts underway to establish an EU-wide drone regulation framework so that the rules would be consistent throughout the EU.

South Africa has strict regulations as well.

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