Early VR headset methods to support those who need corrective lenses

“The oculus rift kits come with three sets of lenses-A, B and C. lens pair A is to be used by people who have excellent long sighted eyesight as the rift is focused at infinity. The pairs B and C are to be used by people having problems with near sightedness, though cannot be used by all, especially people with major vision complications.


Furthermore glasses can also be worn along with the oculus rift goggles, provided that the glasses are not huge.”

Desai, P.R., Desai, P.N., Ajmera, K.D., Mehta, K. (2014) A review paper on Oculus Rift Рa virtual reality headset. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology. Retrieved from: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1408.1173.pdf

The Homido VR Headset (version 1) included separate lens holders that adjusted the focal distance of the lenses. You can see how that works in this Youtube video review. The Homido features IPD adjustment as well. Homido has since introduce a version 2. The version 1 headset is available from Amazon (I have not tried it myself). The version 2 is said to be “not currently available” at Amazon, and Best Buy says one can only order it online, but if you try, Best Buy then says it is not available for online order – in other words, Version 2 seems not to be generally available.

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